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I don't know how lucky she is since he's cheated on her with trashy strippers. Hard muscle for hard, embittered people.[quote]Josh was on ELLEN on Friday - looks like he's lost some of that weight since the photos OP posted were taken over Christmas. Chabert: I actually love a nigh shoot because people get giddy and silly.I think we even did a Christmas song." data-reactid="76"Greene: I keep that guitar nearby because it helps keep my voice warm. There’s some Bon Iver songs, some Coldplay I played for her. Make them look real and throw them at a pregnant lady, but not look like I don’t know how to throw a snowball but also not hurt her with the snowball.

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It was dripping down our backs, and we were trying to pretend to be cold. It’s kind of like soapy suds, but they land on your head and then they don’t really just disappear.

That was challenging." data-reactid="127" in Romania, and I remember wearing this big coat, and it was so hot, and it was humid, too, and we were doing a snowball fight, and I was in a sweat. It had become a kind of mashed potato mud." data-reactid="129"Harrison: Every time I shoot a Christmas movie, there’s snow required of course. They were shaking them off of a big cistern way up above your head, and there’s mash potato flakes floating down. Two weeks later, we’re still shooting on the same location, and now the mashed potato flakes have become rancid because they had been getting rained on every day. You have to brush it off during the take if you feel it landing on your head, so that you don’t end up looking like you have a ton of dish soap on your head.

There is nothing fat about him, unless he's hiding a big fat dick. And for someone who was thin to go this barrel shape this fast, it's weight gain.

I would love to see what you guys who are calling him fat look like. He's not Val Klimer fat, and he can probably lose it, but he's not what we see on screen. If you look like you live in a gym, an overgroomed, overtweezed mess always looking for a reflection to glance at, then others can have you, does nothing for me at all. I think you're projecting your obsession about this minor male celebrity onto everyone else.

I listened to a lot of Christmas music and then I just focused on the story. That, in itself, brings it out." data-reactid="124"Mathison: Even though you try not to have to rely on the environment, it definitely helps. If anything, often when real Christmas rolls around I feel like I’ve just celebrated it.

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