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into the current data set) - Add general time-series data compaction function (under Sample menu) - Fix various memory-usage bugs revealed by port to Mac OS X - Fix installation of bcih database so that it works on big- endian machines too 2003-03-16 Version 1.0.6 [Back to top] - minor adjustment to model print output formatting - fix for correlogram graph (was incompatible with older gnuplot) - fix a couple of minor gretlcli bugs - add (optional) LAPACK support for various "advanced" features - fix time-series attributes of data9-1, data9-10 - prevent normal random generator from outputting Na Ns - fix bug with use of "store" command in a loop, in GUI program - fix translation problems that disabled some menus when not shown in English - fix translation problem that caused a crash when trying to save data under a different name in non-English versions on Linux - add new commands, "system" (supports SUR) and "coint2" (Johansen trace test for cointegration) - add robust LM test for use with adding/omitting variables in relation to a model estimated using hccm - permit comments starting with '#' on first line of script - change to Mersenne Twister for gretl's PRNG, and supply the Marsaglia test suite for the PRNG in the gretl source package - make correlogram and periodogram functions more robust in the face of weird data 2003-02-20 Version 1.0.5 [Back to top] - fix missing translations; fix build of rpm - add support for Gujarati textbook data files 2003-02-19 Version 1.0.4 [Back to top] - add sst() function in genr for Total Sum of Squares of a variable - fix bug in genr: a long genr command could overflow the space allocated for variable labels - fix bugs in graphing: "non-standard" graphs could cause problems including crashes - fix bug in coefficient printing: sometimes values were being truncated at 5 figures - when dataset is sub-sampled, add dialog offering option to restore full data range before saving data - add recognition of environment variables GRETL_PNG_GRAPH_FONT and GRETL_PNG_GRAPH_FONT_SIZE (e.g.

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2016-01-26 Version 2016a [Back to top] - syntax enhancement: allow specification of type when setting a bundle member - syntax enhancement: allow specification of a null default value for a matrix argument to a user-defined function - script execution: save "compiled" loops in functions that are called repeatedly, for greater efficiency - add exists() function, recommended as a replacement for the now-deprecated isnull() - add pxnobs() function: gives the number of valid cross- sectional observations on a given series in each period - pxsum() function: revise this to skip missing values - the gretl array type: document the array() and defarray() functions - "arima" command: allow ARIMA(0,1,0) without constant - "heckit" command: allow clustered standard errors - "reset" command: add --silent option - "store" command and GUI "Export data" menu item: add option to save data in Stata's binary format (dta version 113) - "funcerr" keyword: allow use of a string variable to provide the message to be printed - Improve handling of string-valued series across sub-sampling - Improve display of string-valued series in GUI - seasonals() function: enable this for panel data when a suitable imterpretation of the time dimension has been set via "setobs" - Fix bug 196, Help button for HCCME misaligned in case of a non-MPI enabled build - Fix bug 197, invalid "xtics" specification for some weekly time-series plots caused gnuplot to abort - Fix bug: failing to detect common "missing value" strings in spreadsheet data importation via the GUI - Fix for linearize() function: don't fail when tramo finds that the input doesn't need linearizing - Fix bug: incorrectly sized object in ODBC data importation could cause a crash - Fix bug: possible crash on importing data from a Stata dta file on 32-bit Windows - Fix bug: in "hsk" the auxiliary regression should always include a constant, even if the base specification doesn't - Fix bug: South-East element of intreg Hessian was buggy (was affecting Tobit as well) - Fix bug: in GUI setting of dataset structure, the interpret- ation of stacked cross-section panel data was incorrect - Application of "catch" to user-defined functions: drop back from an error to a warning, for now - Appending daily data: don't fail when we have enough date information to succeed - Improve handling of EPS plot output (including respecting the color/mono choice properly) - Stata dta importer: support dta format 118 (Stata 14) - GUI: some cosmetic fixes specific to gtk 3 - GUI script editor: implement choice of gtksourceview style - GUI function package editor: ensure that old-style "minimum version" specification is read correctly; also ensure that appropriate line-breaks are set by the help-text editor - MS Windows package: update to Open BLAS 0.2.16to avoid bug in computing eigenvalues on 64-bit Windows - Add workaround to avoid Open BLAS crash on matrix inversion when the input matrix contains Na Ns - Remove support for gnuplot 1 and steps-ahead greater than the MA order - Fix bug: ensure that we catch trailing junk at the end of a genr-type expression - Fix bug: GUI scalars window not updating correctly if it is kept open while a script which modifies scalars is executed - Fix bug: wrong readout of graph coordinates after doing "Replace full view" with a zoomed graph in the GUI - Increase maximum command-line length to 16384 bytes 2011-04-22 Version 1.9.5 (2011b) [Back to top] - Add new translation: Greek (Manolis Tzagarakis and Ioannis Venetis) - When building against gtk3, put the plugins into LIBDIR/gretl-gtk3 - "foreign" command: enable the --send-data option for Octave, in which case the gretl dataset is pre-loaded as a matrix named "gretldata" - "coint2" (Johansen test): print the log-likelihood, plus improve the printing of the Pi matrix when exogenous regressors are present - "coint2": add a --silent option - VARs: add $fevd accessor to get the forecast error variance decomposition as a matrix; also add GUI access to forecast variance decomposition plots - VECMs: add $vec Gamma accessor to get the Gamma matrices (coefficients on the differences of the system variables) in standard format, plus $evals accessor to get the eigenvalues used in computing the trace test - "tobit" command: add options to specify left- and/or right- censoring; also add --robust option - gnuplot (command and GUI): add option to plot fitted cubic - GUI plot dialog: add option to draw arrows on a graph - GUI forecast dialog, for cross-sectional data: give option of showing confidence interval for mean Y rather than actual Y - Fix a small memory leak when opening an *data file - New function colname(): retrieve a column name from a matrix - New function eigsolve(): solves generalized eigenvalue problem - New function NRmax(): Newton-Raphson maximizer - New model accessors with string values: $depvar for the name of the dependent variable, and $command for the command word used - Matrix "division": give the operators "\" and "/" the same semantics as in Octave/Matlab (left and right division) - Remove the FGLS "arch" command from the GUI and add a deprecating note to its help text - Lag specification for regressors (e.g.

"foo(-1 to -2)"): the name of a list can now be substituted for the name of a series - quantile() function: allow a vector for the second argument when the first argument is a matrix - Copy data to clipboard in GUI: remove limitation of 8 series max - "difftest" command: record $test and $pvalue - Fix bug: wrong out-of-sample forecasts for ARMA models with seasonal MA terms - Fix bug: wrong handling of string fields in ODBC data import - Fix bug: spurious "unmatched 'if'" error under some conditions - Fix bug: incorrect handling of observation markers in context of scatter plot "with factor separation" - Fix bug: transposition not being done in expressions of the form matrix m = $accessor[range]', with trailing transpose symbol - Fix bug: usable observations could be omitted when compacting from daily to weekly frequency, if the daily data contained "hidden" missing observations - Fix bug 3285196 (respect indicated encoding when importing SPSS data) - Fix bug: gretl could crash on start-up with no datafile specified - MS Windows: update netlib lapack/blas to version 3.3.1 2011-02-24 Version 1.9.4 (2011a) [Back to top] - Change the default random number generator from GLib's implementation of the Mersenne Twister to the SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister - Introduce "addons": approved function packages that are represented in the GUI menus - Add an --accessors option to the "varlist" command, to expose the list of currently available accessor ("dollar") variables - Add more panel data graphing options -- time-series of group means and boxplots by group -- and redesign the GUI for panel plots - GUI code: modify to allow building against gtk3, with a configure option --enable-gtk3 - GUI icon view: provide a graphical representation for saved "bundles" - GUI dialog for calling user-defined functions: several improvements - GUI access to X-12-ARIMA: give option of writing and editing x12a file - GUI test-statistic calculator: fix a bug in the one-variance test - New accessor, $vma: retrieves the vector moving average form of a VAR or VECM - New function, inlist(): gives the position of a series within a named list or zero if the series is not present - New function, isconst(): determines whether a series or vector has a constant value, and optionally tests for either time-invariance or cross-sectional invariance for panel-data series - New function, strsub(): substitutes a specified replacement for a specified sub-string in its first (string) argument - New function, ngetenv(): gets the numerical value of variable in the environment - "estimate" command: document the --quiet flag; and also enable the --quiet option for "system" - "summary" command: add an option to print summary stats for the columns of a named matrix - "outfile" command: add facility to redirect output to stderr or stdout - "setobs" command: add option to attach observation labels from a named file - "heckit" command: switch to use of analytical Hessian for the covariance matrix - New function, errmsg(): returns the gretl error message associated with a given integer error code - New function, rownames(): complements the colnames() function for matrices - New function mrls(); implements restricted least squares estimation for data in matrix form - The sdc() function (column standard deviations): add an optional second argument to control the divisor - New "set" variable, matrix_mask, which can be used to control the included observations when constructing matrices from series - Accessors $test and $pvalue: generalize to allow matrix values (e.g.

show missing values as missing) - Fix bug in editing of varnames and labels (could get onto the wrong line in some cases) - Fix gretl's startup routine for Gnu R so that it never over- writes the file .

Rprofile - Enhancements to Excel importer plugin (better warnings) - Permit opening Excel or Gnumeric data from initial command- line invocation of gretl - Autocorrelation test: add calculation and display of serial correlation-robust standard errors, if significant at the 5 per cent level - Fix brokenness in saving boxplots to session file - Refinements to CSV import function -- handle space-separated data with multiple/variable spaces between columns - Fix bug in range-mean graph when there are missing values at the start of the data range - Fix bug in pacf calculation and plot for long lag lengths - Add experimental "model table" in session icon view (not submitted for translation yet) 2003-04-09 Version 1.0.7 [Back to top] - Correct the attribution of autocorrelation test (Breusch-Godfrey rather than Breusch-Pagan) - Fix bug in display of remote database info line (Gtk-2.0 version) - Use a finer step-size for Hildreth-Lu search - In GUI program, display Hildreth-Lu plot using gnuplot - Translate a few more untranslated strings - Fix bug in title of residual graph - When the user installs a local copy of a remote database, give the option of opening it right away - Add "coeffsum" command: gives the sum of coefficients, and standard error of the sum, for selected independent variables in a given model - Modify the White's test function, so that it doesn't fall over when a variable and its square are among the original regressors - Fix drag and drop of data files and script files from desktop or file manager onto the main gretl window - Add drag and drop of data series from a database window into the main gretl window (i.e.

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