Dating rebound services dating rubenesque woman

Con: Jumping into a relationship too quickly can end up making you feel worse later when you might realize you barely even like the guy, you were just blinded by the sex and/or not wanting to be alone. Your new guy is hotter and smarter and totally better in bed (or at least that's what you're telling all your mutual friends).

Let's consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of the rebound relationship: Pro: You aren't sitting at home moping, which is boring.

Related: This also means you aren't numbing your pain with an endless supply of French bread pizzas. Con: You're avoiding dealing with your sadness, and all that repression might lead to a breakdown of epic proportions later, similar to this concept:__Pro: Sex!

Had you always wanted to have sex in Disneyland, but your ex could never get over the fear of getting stuck in a giant teacup? Were you always afraid to poop in the presence of your significant other? This is your blank check -- and not the shitty '90s movie where a grown woman kisses an underage boy.

It's almost a joke to think about a future in which one of your friends is someone who's recently seen your genitals, but it's possible.

It's not a fun conversation to have at any point of the relationship -- but it's sure as hell easier to tell someone you're not looking for something too serious before things get… Try going somewhere public, like a coffee shop or bar, and telling them that you just got out of something serious and don't want a big commitment.

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