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The figure of a hundred million come from the populations of the states in the Arab League.

For membership ln the Arab League the primary criterion appears to be language: but, despite the presence of Lebanon, which is half Christian, this tends to be coupled with the acceptance of Arab-Islamic culture.

The Arabs are not a distinct ethnic group, since there are both white Arabs and black arabs.

Some of the Nor is language a sufficient criterion of Arabness since there are many Arabic-speaking jews who are not normally called Arabs.

Modern Arab intellectuals are well aware of the difficulty in defining an Arab.

As long ago as December, 1938, a conference of Arab students in Europe, held in Brussels, declared that Click here for article online Which is really another way for the Albino people to say that "We are whatever People we say we are".

Men of big bone , they have long faces long narrow jaws, noses of a refined shape long curly hair and brown skin.”--Richmond Palmer (1929) “Mahra is the Arab name for the Bedouin tribes who are different in appearance to other Arabs, having almost beardless faces, fuzzy hair and dark pigmentation – such as the Qarra, Mahra and Harasis…

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