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We created Flutter because we wanted something more authentic than the existing dating apps out there. You don’t have to think of what to say, instead you can focus on the non-verbal aspects of the interaction.Video is super powerful, and we think it is the secret to making online dating capture the magic of seeing someone in real life for the first time. We all strive for one crucial thing in our lives: connection.

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With video, it is impossible to be anyone but yourself. My attempts to find this connection through various dating apps has been an epic fail.

There are two important things that make Flutter different from other dating apps that have tried to use video: 1. I see a photo or two of an attractive man, maybe a charming sentence he has crafted into his profile, and from there I create this fantasy of who this person could be.

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The next day Sofia Vergara batted it out of the park again as she rocked a little black dress with silver embroidery.

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