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It's a online tutoring company (E-Learning Platform) Web app that prepares undergraduate students for international entry exams 2.

It has multiple logins like those for Students, Trachers, Parents to perform various activities 3.

Like any other major ad engine, extensive control panel and reporting/analytics is in place, to an level that any extreme case would warrent LAUNCH PROJECT 1.

It's first Asian sport-matching app that connects one with potential sports partners at given level and in given area 2.

It has multiple Web & Mobile Apps in place to take of various job specific needs, like need for on-location feedback & reporting by on-site employees 4.

A Full-fledged communication systems, web conferencing system and a lot of thid party domain specific integrations like CAD has been done to offer additional benefits 5.

Point based booking and incentives is in place, Pub Nub based simple chat system for messaging has been implemented LAUNCH PROJECT 1.

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