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This movie sucks, this is a public service announcement.

No matter how much you like Katt Williams AVOID INTERNET DATING AT ALL COSTS. This is only 2 so I have somewhere lower to go in the unlikely event that I see something worse.

In this extremely hilarious comedy, Tea (Master P) and Coffee (Michael Blackson) are two repo men who work for Mr. The money he borrowed to make it all happen is long over due. See full summary » A serious health scare ignites John Thomas, an insurance salesman in his 50s, to take a closer look at his life.

See full summary » Samuel's dream of buying a recording studio, making a hit record, and becoming a famous hip-hop artist has hit a snag.

Gone Girl is a 2014 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher and adapted by Gillian Flynn from her 2012 novel of the same name. Set in the Midwestern United States, the film's story begins as a mystery about a man, Nick Dunne, whose wife, ..Actors: Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Emily Ratajkowski, Rosamund Pike, more Initial Release: 2014 Directed by: David Fincher Also Ranked #18 on The Best Psychological Thrillers of All Time #4 on 25 Great Movies About Depressing Couples #43 on The Very Best New Noir Movies is one of those bare-bones independent films that cuts characters in order to make the audience watch them bleed.

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