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fan, I’ve spent the last month or so re-watching the show’s first 18 episodes in anticipation of season two.Since it hasn’t been that long since the original airing, there haven’t been a ton of new discoveries for me during this marathon — that pilot twist is still killer, Randall is still the best character from minute one, Olivia is still terrible — but I had forgotten much of Toby’s introduction, and the early beats of his romance with Kate.Some fans resent how he tries to get in the middle of Kate and Kevin’s relationship, but their twin dynamic is codependent, Toby’s totally right to think that Kate needs to get some distance and stop prioritizing her brother over herself, and Kevin needs to learn what boundaries are. " when Kevin interrupted their makeout session in the premiere? Still, rather than encouraging Kate to stop being codependent with Kevin and come into her own, Toby seems to be encouraging her to become codependent with him instead, as is made clear by the patronizing way both men talk about her during their fight – "She doesn't need to be coddled, she needs to be pushed! I’m not asking for a whole side plot devoted to Toby and his coding woes, but in a show that spends a lot of time on most of its characters’ professional lives, the lack of it with him is another red flag.

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Imagine Jack trying this on Rebecca after their yet-to-be-seen first date. Let’s jump over to episode five, "The Game Plan," by which time Kate and Toby have been dating for a while, and he’s racked up a lot of grand gestures which prompts Kate to bring him breakfast in bed.

"You’ve done a lot of nice things for me, I wanted to do something nice for you," she says, which, cute!

He’s grouchy about the breakfast she’s brought him, which is more depressing diet food courtesy of the weight loss support group they’re both in, but that’s an understandable and pretty endearing disagreement. Kate wants to watch the Steelers game alone, and Toby acts as though this is the most unreasonable and bizarre request in the world, like she’s told him her tradition is to watch the game while performing a sacrificial blood ritual.

"It’s my thing," Kate murmurs, trying to justify herself while my blood pressure is steadily climbing.

He then tries to get her to watch the game alone, but with him, which I guess is supposed to be cute but to me just indicates he doesn’t understand words.

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