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Harington told the same publication that Clarke and Leslie grew close because of the show despite her character, Ygritte, getting killed off in season 4.Harington and Leslie recently took their relationship to the next level when he asked her to move in with him.The actor, who has portrayed Jon since its first season in 2011, says he 'knows everything' about how the tale will conclude.

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Seems the couple’s on-screen chemistry, as Jon Snow and Ygritte, may have spilled over into real life. Meanwhile, Harington, also 25, who hails from London, is just getting used to the spotlight, and all the interest in his personal life that comes with it.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie met and fell in love on the set of "Game of Thrones." Recent episodes of the HBO show, however, have fans longing for Harington and his co-star, Emilia Clarke, to end up together on and off-screen.

Rose, 30, who hails from Scotland, wore a tan sheepskin jacket paired with black cropped pants and burgundy shoes.

The star's beautiful long red hair cascaded over her shoulders as she walked next to her beau.

Cordon's other guest star at that time, Nicole Kidman, pushed Harington to marry Leslie next, which fueled rumors that the couple is engaged. For now, the couple has no plans of getting hitched. She revealed to Elle that her only high-profile relationship that appeared in the news was with "Family Guy" creator Seth Mc Farlane who she dated for six months.

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