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When you nervously nod your head I guide you to the bondage table and begin to fasten the restraints. Strong leather restraints you won’t be able to get out of.

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Each call must be purchased the day of your square pick. Sort of informs the mind something out of your comfort zone is about to begin. I may even decide to deprive you of your vision by the use of a blindfold or leather hood. ” Everything on the table next to me is covered by a black cloth.

All you’ll be able to do is feel and accept the control I hold over you. This way you have no idea what little treasures await to be used on you.

I know that you can hear everything that is going on right now and that with your vision being taken your hearing will be more intense.

I slowly lift the cloth from the objects and I know you can hear the rustling of it.

Time for Victoria to take care of your every fantasy, fetish, and desire.

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