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:) However we do have some devices where an amber light is O. My objective is to build a checklist for stuff that a network guy would have to do.

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The intent is to improve the "capability of Do D to quickly and accurately assess the security posture of Do D enterprise networks." The ACAS capability aligns with Do D Enterprise Secure Configuration Management and continuous monitoring initiatives. You may elect to purchase software not included in the ACAS contract.

There are many ACAS users who have elected to purchase additional components, such as Log Correlation Engine (LCE) to complement their ACAS deployments. Each organization/command has different rules regarding the use of software within their environments.

Wonderfully done, not too detailed, but it's great for keeping your servers healthy. IOS updates, patching networking devices, error logging/tracking, etc. Well, first task would be to make sure it is setup properly to monitor all resources.

I'm purely network - that would mean routers, switches, firewalls, connections, communications, WAN optimizations, LAN upkeep and all that.

Track/monitor configuration changes You stated that you are "network" and not "server".

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